Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Abolition of Man

This essay was very complex and hard for me to understand.  However, I will do my best to describe it as clearly as I can.  This essay is about man in connection with natural law.  It describes man’s conquest of nature and he is constantly trying to come up with new ideas and concepts to conquer it.  Man is always trying to make himself what he pleases.  However, there is this natural law, or a set of rules, that governs everyone.  It is different from someone’s conscience.  The conscience can be altered, but natural law hold’s everyone.  Someone may not think that killing someone is wrong, but it actually is according to the natural law. 

This essay also talks about how man’s power over nature is really the power of some people over other people.  For example, the contraceptive is merely one generation’s power over the succeeding one.  This made me think of our previous discussions concerning knowledge.  In order to control and rule someone, you need to have more knowledge than that person.  It also made me think of a story that I studied in 10th grade called The Pearl.  In this story, a doctor made a man’s baby sick in order that the man would have to come back and pay more money to actually make him better.  The man didn’t know any better though because he didn’t have as much medical knowledge as the doctor.  This was one way that man had control over another man.

What we must remember is that God is in control over all of us.  God governs nature, man, and everything that He has made.  God did not merely create everything, and then take a break letting it go on it’s own.  No, God is still working things out according to His plan.  Man thinks that he is the one controlling everything because of the intelligence that God made us with, but really it is God who governs man.  We cannot do anything outside of His control.

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  1. Dear Brittany,

    You got it better than I did reading it the first time around!
    What power do we have over each other!
    In light of this essay is it strange to hear Jesus stating that 'if you want to be great in God's Kingdom you have to be the servant of all?' (Mat 20 :26)
    A & P