Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Inner Ring

This article by C.S. Lewis was a really interesting one for me. It is one that I could definitely apply to my own life, and I think everyone else can apply it to their own lives as well. It is discussing the inner rings or "cliques" in society that we all either belong to or want to belong to.

I believe that in grade school, high school, and college are all times in our life where these inner rings are most abundant and desired. They are still there later in life, although harder to see. Most people want to get in with the popular group; to fit in with those whom everyone knows. There are those who strive for academic excellence, and want to get in with the smart kids at school. My point is that we always want to belong and be a part of something. It is never fun for the person on the outside.

These inner rings, I believe, can enslave us until we drop everything else only for that goal to fit in where we want to. When we let go of these inner rings, we become free. We must remember that God does not judge us based on what group we belong to. He judges us by where our hearts lie. Our duty here on earth is to praise Him. That is all that matters.

Another thought is that there are really only two important rings in the world, the elect and the unbelievers. To be a part of the elect believing ring is life. However, it is only by the grace of God that we may be a part of it.

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