Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Four Loves: Eros


This essay compares Eros love with Venus love.  Eros means “being in love.”  It is romantic and selfless.  It is characterized by the man wanting the woman as a person, not just as an object, and vice versa. 

Venus is more of a sexual love that is based purely on lust.  One quote that I really like about this Venus love that I think really explains it well is, “ One does not keep the carton after smoking the cigarettes.”  It is a self-centered carnal love that is merely physical.  The man wanting a woman as an object by which he is able to obtain pleasure characterizes it.  It can also happen the other way around with the woman lusting after the man. 

The question is, which love is longer lasting?  I think that Eros lasts longer because it is more than just a physical love.  Venus wouldn’t last very long.  Once the person has received their pleasure, he or she is most likely to move onto the next person.  With Eros, pleasure is just merely a byproduct of the love that is already there.

The media greatly elevates the Venus aspect of love.  Our society is polluted with premarital sex, divorce, affairs, pornography, and every sexual sin imaginable. How are we as sinful people supposed to approach this situation and avoid these sins?  First of all, we must remember that we influence the people around us.  Not only our words and personalities influence people, but we show ourselves also by our actions.  If we avoid and condemn these sins for what they are, we will be witnessing to the people around us by this.  We should also be accountable to ourselves and with our friends.  We must first have the willpower to not participate in these sexual sins, but we must also have good friends who will come to us when we have done something wrong.  It is very helpful for people and their friends to be accountable for each other and to keep checking on each other.  You are far less likely to participate in a certain sin when there are people watching.

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